Saturday, October 2, 2010


To kill the time and boredom I got the chance to go to mall and pick a book. I bought the book entitled "Happiness for Teenagers".  I'm so excited to read it and  as I scanned the pages this topic caught my attention. 

It's about Serotonin,  it states that:

" The most important  chemicals of our body is the brain amine named Serotonin.  Lack of it there will no juice on our brain.No juice, no connection, no thought or action. The amount of Serotonin available available  for our brain determines our energy level. Our degree of motivation, our ability to  to memorize and our ability to concentrate on school work or sports or whatever you are trying to concentrate on. Te level of this also directly controls how happy we feel."

 And as I come to read more and more I was motivated to  move and face the p.c and searched about it.

Lack of serotonin - Lethargic, irritable, depressed, possibly suicidal, hopeless, obsessed with loneliness and guilt , critical of self and others and withdrawn from people. You will find yourself more aware of emotional pain, especially when you first wake up in the morning. You'll tend to wake up fairly open in the middle of the night and require an hour or longer to fall back asleep.

And I've found out also the foods that helps increase serotonin in our body. 

 Just a small amounts of these foods... cause everything of too much is not good. Hope this info could help for me and you ... :-)

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