Saturday, November 6, 2010

Drive Safely To Avoid Misfortune

It was so awful to know that one of the most misfortune incidents in the world is the Driving Car or Bus Accidents. I remember when I saw in the CNN News about the Acura TL Car Accident was struck by a Custom Truck. It was investigated and found out that the truck lose its brake. There are two injured people inside the truck and a woman in car.

We knew that there is no definite time if when the accident can happen, but we must be alert in terms of apprehending the possible things to be happened when we take it  for granted to check our cars.  Lets scrutinize the measures on how to avoid accidents like this.

First wear seat belts correctly, always follow the road rules- Abide the traffic lights, next avoid using handy phones, then always do the brake job every month, oil change must be done before it will destabilized and contamination will begin to affect engine performance and life.To know more about the safety driver try to explore the webs and you can be able to keep away from a disaster.