Friday, December 10, 2010

Insufficient Hormones

I've been depressed for being sick. I hate to think that I have to sustain the level of the hormones in my body for life time. Drinking the Doctor's prescribed medicines is like making myself so vulnerable of feeling of being so awful having this stance. There were times that it was consistent three consecutive days that I always find myself waking up 2am in the morning just to cry and having the reason of my neck is aching. When I started to cry the passed memories were appearing clearly somewhat like flash backings of all the painful past experiences. And yes! it's the thing we called depression.

We go back to our Doctor my mother accompanied me. I can't get rid the tears run down in my checks. It something like, so nice to cry always my nose were congested due to crying. The Doctor thought that I have running nose and he laughed when I told him that it was due to my unstoppable crying. I told him that why is it I used to cry and felt so depress, then he answered. Your neck is aching because you have thyroiditis, due to insufficient hormones you will become irritable, depress, up down temperature and etc.

He prescribed me pain reliever and steroids plus he increases the dosage of my hormones. The doctors prescribed medicines makes me more depress when I think of the steroids, do I really need to take up those?... I have lots of choice not to but I need to follow for my own betterment.

Despite this agony of being unwell, I am still blessed for having the people who love me and I love to fight my illness. I am looking forward to become well and do the things that I need to do in my life.