Friday, October 8, 2010

Why tears are salty?

When I was younger, I wonder why tears are salty and I never have the idea until  I've just scanned on the article of Anti- Stress therapy. It stated:

"Crying is one of natures most effective  anti-stress therapy. Tears help reduce stress, stabilized emotions and remove toxins!"

These are some of  the lists that I think:

- I guess most of the persons who suffer from toxic goiter are much more suppressive that happened to have lesser the number of times crying. As a support, I remember there's a situation of a friend  had a Toxic Goiter while taking her medications there's a lot of unstoppable tears rushing through her eyes and she said it smells mushy...  I guess that was the toxins in her body.

-  I guess most of the persons who suffer from toxic goiter are the persons who are much more expressive and that also happened due to excessive tears flowing in their eyes that leads to a decrease of sodium and protein in the body or converted into tears.

For toxic Goiter patient.  I guess it is good for you to cry..... If you are not that emotional.. try to peel an onion maybe the toxins in your body will rush in your eyes plus your eyes will be cleansed.

For Non Toxic Goiter patient.  It's not bad for being a cry baby,because crying is the cleansing of the soul. But be sure after you cry you must eat foods that reach in protein and iodine. Try to eat chocolates and also try fruit that you can dip into salt. So that the Sodium or Proteins that was happened to be your poured tears , will be replaced...

Now I know why tears are salty!

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