Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Taylor Swift

 Taylor Swift was a record breaker singer and composer. She got triple platinum in her debut album. She's one of the most bubbly and admired by men. Her songs were so hits in the bill board chart in the MTV, Mix and in whole world... I remember when were in the classroom and someone starts to sing A love story and the whole class sang her song. And that was fun... This was signifies that she really capture that taste not only the teenagers but in all of junctures.
I really love Taylor Swift her songs were naturally felt by the listener. She was so humble. When she was interviewed in the Ellen De Generis Show she was ask to compose a song. An impromptu one that keywords was given by the audiences and then just a swift she made it..... That was cool... She had a new album now entitled  Speak Now . Hope I can have one soon....

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