Friday, December 10, 2010

Insufficient Hormones

I've been depressed for being sick. I hate to think that I have to sustain the level of the hormones in my body for life time. Drinking the Doctor's prescribed medicines is like making myself so vulnerable of feeling of being so awful having this stance. There were times that it was consistent three consecutive days that I always find myself waking up 2am in the morning just to cry and having the reason of my neck is aching. When I started to cry the passed memories were appearing clearly somewhat like flash backings of all the painful past experiences. And yes! it's the thing we called depression.

We go back to our Doctor my mother accompanied me. I can't get rid the tears run down in my checks. It something like, so nice to cry always my nose were congested due to crying. The Doctor thought that I have running nose and he laughed when I told him that it was due to my unstoppable crying. I told him that why is it I used to cry and felt so depress, then he answered. Your neck is aching because you have thyroiditis, due to insufficient hormones you will become irritable, depress, up down temperature and etc.

He prescribed me pain reliever and steroids plus he increases the dosage of my hormones. The doctors prescribed medicines makes me more depress when I think of the steroids, do I really need to take up those?... I have lots of choice not to but I need to follow for my own betterment.

Despite this agony of being unwell, I am still blessed for having the people who love me and I love to fight my illness. I am looking forward to become well and do the things that I need to do in my life.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Drive Safely To Avoid Misfortune

It was so awful to know that one of the most misfortune incidents in the world is the Driving Car or Bus Accidents. I remember when I saw in the CNN News about the Acura TL Car Accident was struck by a Custom Truck. It was investigated and found out that the truck lose its brake. There are two injured people inside the truck and a woman in car.

We knew that there is no definite time if when the accident can happen, but we must be alert in terms of apprehending the possible things to be happened when we take it  for granted to check our cars.  Lets scrutinize the measures on how to avoid accidents like this.

First wear seat belts correctly, always follow the road rules- Abide the traffic lights, next avoid using handy phones, then always do the brake job every month, oil change must be done before it will destabilized and contamination will begin to affect engine performance and life.To know more about the safety driver try to explore the webs and you can be able to keep away from a disaster.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Taylor Swift

 Taylor Swift was a record breaker singer and composer. She got triple platinum in her debut album. She's one of the most bubbly and admired by men. Her songs were so hits in the bill board chart in the MTV, Mix and in whole world... I remember when were in the classroom and someone starts to sing A love story and the whole class sang her song. And that was fun... This was signifies that she really capture that taste not only the teenagers but in all of junctures.
I really love Taylor Swift her songs were naturally felt by the listener. She was so humble. When she was interviewed in the Ellen De Generis Show she was ask to compose a song. An impromptu one that keywords was given by the audiences and then just a swift she made it..... That was cool... She had a new album now entitled  Speak Now . Hope I can have one soon....

Thursday, October 14, 2010


What is trust?

When I scanned to the web of wiki... Trust is the reliance to another person or entity.
In the dictionary, Trust is the obligation or responsibility imposed on a person in whom confidence in authority is  placed. 

I brought this topic for as I have an issue on this..... As a psychology student, I was engrossed to find out of why is this so and also for the cure of this kind of dilemma but sad to know that it wasn't resolved yet. Studying the topic of Erik Erikson the Trust Vs. Mistrust which is the infant's actual experiences and attachments to mother or maternal equivalent through this stage have a fundamental effect on the unconscious mind and thereby on deep feelings.

Well this might be the reasons:

I have lack of attachment on my mom. When I interrogate her about my babyhood she said, 

"I have work by then when you were young I almost don't have time to take care of you. Your older brother and sister took my place. " 

As I traced back her childhood. She wasn't attached to her mom when she was young. Might be, it was in their way of upbringing that happened to pass to the next generation. Hope it will not happen to my own....  

I'm trying to regress and patch up my relationship to my mother. Trying to be close to her but she seemed so cold, hard for her to show affection, no wonder why I have this kind of personality. My friends perceived me a strictly looking yet nice friend... at least got a little bit consultation of appreciation.  :-) 
As of now?... Trust? its hard for me to trust anybody. One of the reason why can't stick to an close intimate partnership. I can't blame my self but trying to resolve it...

I don't want to believe on the statement about "You cannot give what you don't have". But in my case I almost believe. Hope also that I can go through this struggling inner self of mine. I as I face to my every day life.

Movies for Psychology Majors

What is movie? I got here a definition from the web ~  its a form of entertainment that enacts a story by sound and sequence of images giving the illusion of continuous movement. For me, it is entertainment that brings fun. I am somewhat like a potato coach fond of watching movies any kinds of movies could be exciting, adventurous, suspense, drama or even a love story.I love watching movies it helps me to unwind and relax during my spare time. It can fill my flows..... 

Here are  Movies that a Psych Major should watch... i havent seen those but it was suggested by my professor . I hope these might be helpful for you.

9 1/2 Week
A Beautiful Mind
A clock Orance
Anger Management
As Good As It Gets
Benny and Joon
Boxing Helena
Butterfly Effect
Dangerous Liasons
Eyes Wide Shut
Fatal Attraction
Girl Interrupted
Island Shutter
Never Talk to Strangers
Once Were Warrios
One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest
Primal Fear
Raising Cain
The Basketball Diaries
The Breakfast Club
The Fisher King
The Prince of Tides
What About Bob?
What Dreams May Come
Whats Eating Gilbert Grape

Please care to leave a comment in the shout mix chat if you know some movies to watch for psychology majors.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Michelle Branch

Michelle Branch is one of my favorite female artist. Shes 27 years young.Her real name is Michelle Jacquet Desevren Branch Landau. I really like her the way she strum her guitar and her compositions was very inspiring to me. Her songs were always on my list in my portable player. She also won MTV Video Music Awards - viewers choice, Grammy Awards of Best Pop Collaboration with vocals, Music Row Awards - Major Label Break out Artist of the Year and lot more awards... I like the simplicity of her beauty and talent. I keep on playing her songs and videos... 

Here's one of the lyrics of her songs that I like... 

Everywhere Lyrics by Michelle Branch

Turn it inside out so I can see
The part of you that's drifting over me
And when I wake you're never there
But when I sleep you're everywhere
You're everywhere

Just tell me how I got this far
Just tell me why you're here and who you are
'Cause every time I look
you're never there
And every time I sleep
you're always there

'Cause you're everywhere to me
And when I close my eyes it's you I see
You're everything I know
that makes me believe
I'm not alone
I'm not alone

I recognize the way you make me feel
It's hard to think that
you might not be real
I sense it now, the water's getting deep
I try to wash the pain away from me
Away from me

'Cause you're everywhere to me
And when I close my eyes it's you I see
You're everything I know
that makes me believe
I'm not alone
I'm not alone

I am not alone
Whoa, oh, oooh, oh

And when I touch your hand
It's then I understand
The beauty that's within
It's now that we begin
You always light my way
I hope there never comes a day
No matter where I go
I always feel you so

'Cause you're everywhere to me
And when I close my eyes it's you I see
You're everything I know
that makes me believe
I'm not alone
'Cause you're everywhere to me
And when I catch my breath
it's you I breathe
You're everything I know
that makes me believe
I'm not alone

You're in everyone I see
So tell me
Do you see me? 

Friday, October 8, 2010

Why tears are salty?

When I was younger, I wonder why tears are salty and I never have the idea until  I've just scanned on the article of Anti- Stress therapy. It stated:

"Crying is one of natures most effective  anti-stress therapy. Tears help reduce stress, stabilized emotions and remove toxins!"

These are some of  the lists that I think:

- I guess most of the persons who suffer from toxic goiter are much more suppressive that happened to have lesser the number of times crying. As a support, I remember there's a situation of a friend  had a Toxic Goiter while taking her medications there's a lot of unstoppable tears rushing through her eyes and she said it smells mushy...  I guess that was the toxins in her body.

-  I guess most of the persons who suffer from toxic goiter are the persons who are much more expressive and that also happened due to excessive tears flowing in their eyes that leads to a decrease of sodium and protein in the body or converted into tears.

For toxic Goiter patient.  I guess it is good for you to cry..... If you are not that emotional.. try to peel an onion maybe the toxins in your body will rush in your eyes plus your eyes will be cleansed.

For Non Toxic Goiter patient.  It's not bad for being a cry baby,because crying is the cleansing of the soul. But be sure after you cry you must eat foods that reach in protein and iodine. Try to eat chocolates and also try fruit that you can dip into salt. So that the Sodium or Proteins that was happened to be your poured tears , will be replaced...

Now I know why tears are salty!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hopes With Jesus

      My father died eight (8) years ago. It was very frustrating on my part because all members of the family was there, except me. I felt so guilty about it.

   By then there's a lot of problems appeared in emotional, physical and also financial. Our house was pawned. Until now and I don't have the idea how it will going to... My mother doesn't have work anymore because she's already old and she has a heart failure. My brothers and sisters I don't know if what their plans about this problem. Some have their own family and others have their own priorities and concerns. I felt bombarded everytime will ask for an apology to the person whom my mom pawned the house.

   As of now, I can't so anything to solve it but instead do my part as a youngest daughter who is working hard. And maybe soon by journeying with Jesus I'm  the one will find a solution for this problem.

Captured by Martyn Norsworthy

Saturday, October 2, 2010


To kill the time and boredom I got the chance to go to mall and pick a book. I bought the book entitled "Happiness for Teenagers".  I'm so excited to read it and  as I scanned the pages this topic caught my attention. 

It's about Serotonin,  it states that:

" The most important  chemicals of our body is the brain amine named Serotonin.  Lack of it there will no juice on our brain.No juice, no connection, no thought or action. The amount of Serotonin available available  for our brain determines our energy level. Our degree of motivation, our ability to  to memorize and our ability to concentrate on school work or sports or whatever you are trying to concentrate on. Te level of this also directly controls how happy we feel."

 And as I come to read more and more I was motivated to  move and face the p.c and searched about it.

Lack of serotonin - Lethargic, irritable, depressed, possibly suicidal, hopeless, obsessed with loneliness and guilt , critical of self and others and withdrawn from people. You will find yourself more aware of emotional pain, especially when you first wake up in the morning. You'll tend to wake up fairly open in the middle of the night and require an hour or longer to fall back asleep.

And I've found out also the foods that helps increase serotonin in our body. 

 Just a small amounts of these foods... cause everything of too much is not good. Hope this info could help for me and you ... :-)

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Are you gaining wait?? Me too....

 I am so desperate right now to lose weight so I and my friends decided to start a session to play Badminton every week ends we used to play and exert effort to have a healthy body and mind...
 We have decided to eat base on the food pyramid..... such as this

And of-course with self discipline that may we not be temped of ice creams and junk foods.... may we successful on to this....