Thursday, October 14, 2010


What is trust?

When I scanned to the web of wiki... Trust is the reliance to another person or entity.
In the dictionary, Trust is the obligation or responsibility imposed on a person in whom confidence in authority is  placed. 

I brought this topic for as I have an issue on this..... As a psychology student, I was engrossed to find out of why is this so and also for the cure of this kind of dilemma but sad to know that it wasn't resolved yet. Studying the topic of Erik Erikson the Trust Vs. Mistrust which is the infant's actual experiences and attachments to mother or maternal equivalent through this stage have a fundamental effect on the unconscious mind and thereby on deep feelings.

Well this might be the reasons:

I have lack of attachment on my mom. When I interrogate her about my babyhood she said, 

"I have work by then when you were young I almost don't have time to take care of you. Your older brother and sister took my place. " 

As I traced back her childhood. She wasn't attached to her mom when she was young. Might be, it was in their way of upbringing that happened to pass to the next generation. Hope it will not happen to my own....  

I'm trying to regress and patch up my relationship to my mother. Trying to be close to her but she seemed so cold, hard for her to show affection, no wonder why I have this kind of personality. My friends perceived me a strictly looking yet nice friend... at least got a little bit consultation of appreciation.  :-) 
As of now?... Trust? its hard for me to trust anybody. One of the reason why can't stick to an close intimate partnership. I can't blame my self but trying to resolve it...

I don't want to believe on the statement about "You cannot give what you don't have". But in my case I almost believe. Hope also that I can go through this struggling inner self of mine. I as I face to my every day life.

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