Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hopes With Jesus

      My father died eight (8) years ago. It was very frustrating on my part because all members of the family was there, except me. I felt so guilty about it.

   By then there's a lot of problems appeared in emotional, physical and also financial. Our house was pawned. Until now and I don't have the idea how it will going to... My mother doesn't have work anymore because she's already old and she has a heart failure. My brothers and sisters I don't know if what their plans about this problem. Some have their own family and others have their own priorities and concerns. I felt bombarded everytime will ask for an apology to the person whom my mom pawned the house.

   As of now, I can't so anything to solve it but instead do my part as a youngest daughter who is working hard. And maybe soon by journeying with Jesus I'm  the one will find a solution for this problem.

Captured by Martyn Norsworthy

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