Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stripping to the Core of Online Games

Part of the most crucial developmental stages of every human is when the time during childhood. Every child has the  right to play and play and play. It was theorized that each child must undergone losing and winning so that their sense of superiority in terms of aiming will be enhanced especially when they will become an adulthood someday.

I used to play online games, browsing to different sites and others stuffs that were related to cut off my boredom. Before, I used to browse one, two or more than  three browsers just to load and play.. but now when I discovered this free online games at kiba I dont need to log in different sites. All the games that I want can be played here including my stress reliever Tetris, my fascination Jungle Jons and my all time favorite Leap Mario Games.

The last time when my four years old niece Kyla saw me while playing online games  she memorized the site and remember to where I used to click and browse. she was so clever observing my hands operating on the computer and playing these online games. I caught her on the next day. She was the one playing on the site and then I laugh because she was so clever to win the game. Then, I swapped her place and play... she smiled at me and said "I know how to" I answered: "yeah but it's my turn first!..." thats so Childish I was. I made an agreement with her that when I am on duty she can play.  She was fond of playing games under kibagames is the preschool kids. 

The reason why I really love this online Games for Kids site because it has lots of category of games that you can choose. You can also have your own account by registering your email add. I insist that this is not just a game, this is my outlet for stress and whenever my mom will scold me for playing  games that this is not just for kids it also has a games for grown ups. Until my mom also played and hook into  these games. Thanks for kiba!

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